Juried Quilts: Wall of Silence

“Wall of SILENCE”: Dedicated to all parents of Estranged Adult Children

The grief felt by parents whose adult children chose to terminate parental relationships leaves nothing but everlasting heartbreak and sadness. Margery Williams book, The Velveteen Rabbit, is used as a metaphor for this quilt. Rabbit, rejected by his beloved child, asks Skin Horse “when a child loves you for a long, long time, does it hurt?” Always truthful, Skin Horse replies “sometimes”. From the darkness of despair to the serenity of acceptance, a heart once broken never mends, not to the shape it once was.

Wall of Silence: (c) 2016 Sandra Small Proudfoot, AOCA ’89, in collaboration with longarm quilter,

Mary Light, Mono, Ontario, Canada

Floral Inspiration: Artist Carrie Schmitt “She Lived Her Life in Full Bloom”

Exhibited: PIQF, California, 2016