Juried Quilts: Electronic Intrusion

2015/16 Mancuso World Quilt Exhibit

Electronic Intrusion

Artist’s Statement:

Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse. Distracted driving often ends up in fatalities and life-changing accidents. This quilt, while addressing the subject in a somewhat playful manner, speaks to the improper use of electronic devices. The portrayal of the pre-Columbian festival Dia de Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead) finds a sugar-masked corpse hanging from a cross of cellphones. Tiny cadavers dance mischievously amongst brightly coloured marigolds, the Flor de Muerton/Flowers of the Dead which decorate cemeteries at festival time. Set against a lively print background depicting the vibrational energy emitted by cellphones, it is a reminder that distracted driving can end in tragedy.

Sandra Small Proudfoot © 2013, Mono, Ontario, Canada
In collaboration with long-arm quilter, Mary Light, Mono, Ontario

Quilt photos courtesy of www.petepaterson.com

Much appreciation to Quilt Inspiration blog:  http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2015/10/ for its continued presence on the internet.  This quilt was designed following the tragic accident of a friend due to the use of his device going through a country stop sign and being T-boned by a truck.  Several other accidents here in the country where I live brought this image to my mind, a corpse holding a cell phone and hanging on a cross of cellphones.  People become so engrossed in their digital devices that they walk with their heads down, totally absorbed, reading their screens, they drive looking at their devices and they die using them as well.  While this image may be shocking to see on a wall quilt, it spoke volumes to me in creating it and to others who have seen it since it was made in 2015.  Sandra Small Proudfoot

Quilt Electronic Intrusion Full

Quilt Electronic Intrusion Sugar Mask Skull Closeup