Juried Quilts: Electronic Intrusion

2015/16 Mancuso World Quilt Exhibit

Electronic Intrusion

Artist’s Statement:

Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse. Distracted driving often ends up in fatalities and life-changing accidents. This quilt, while addressing the subject in a somewhat playful manner, speaks to the improper use of electronic devices. The portrayal of the pre-Columbian festival Dia de Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead) finds a sugar-masked corpse hanging from a cross of cellphones. Tiny cadavers dance mischievously amongst brightly coloured marigolds, the Flor de Muerton/Flowers of the Dead which decorate cemeteries at festival time. Set against a lively print background depicting the vibrational energy emitted by cellphones, it is a reminder that distracted driving can end in tragedy.

Sandra Small Proudfoot © 2013, Mono, Ontario, Canada
In collaboration with long-arm quilter, Mary Light, Mono, Ontario

Quilt photos courtesy of www.petepaterson.com

Quilt Electronic Intrusion Full

Quilt Electronic Intrusion Sugar Mask Skull Closeup