Juried Quilts: Artist’s Statement for The Fallen Child

Artist Statement

In this year, 2013, this quilt asks the question “is the 2nd Amendment useful in to-day’s society” and is the “right to bear arms” being taken out of context from its original intent of over two hundred years ago?

Reflecting on the horrific events of Sandy Hook Elementary School and other educational institutions involving the misuse of firearms and mental illness, this hand-appliquéd, hand-embroidered 100% cotton quilt, with its soft, slightly variegated blue organic, natural plant-dyed background focuses on the Statue of Liberty representing not only liberty but freedom from oppression. Holding her torch of fire high, in itself a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment, she is superimposed upon the Great Seal of the United States. With its eagles wings outstretched, the Seal represents a nation’s independence and hope for the future. In sorrow, Liberty looks down upon the dying child at her feet. The child, broken into pieces, is inspired by the painting of the Death of Marat, 1793, by Jacques-Louis David, as a tribute to his friend, Marat who was betrayed and killed at the height of the French Revolution. The Fallen Child represents all who have died in the school shootings photo-transferred on the front of Marat’s desk.

This quilt is my tribute to all who died at Sandy Hook and to their families. As a Canadian, I feel no less the grief that Americans have felt with these massacres. In a land where freedom is so cherished, that same freedom has also allowed for such devastation and destruction in people’s lives.

Sandra Small Proudfoot © 2013, Mono, Ontario, Canada
In collaboration with long-arm quilter, Mary Light, Mono, Ontario

Quilt photos courtesy of www.petepaterson.com


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