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Original patterns by award-winning quilt designer:

Sandy Small Proudfoot, AOCA ’89

In August of 1985, Canadian Living Magazine featured my original design, the Canadian Provincial Wildflower Quilt. It became an instant success. The sales of this quilt pattern became the highest-selling craft item for their magazine to date. Canadian Living Magazine continued to carry this quilt design for the next ten years when, at that time, the copyright was turned back to me, the designer and has been sold from my studio here in the country.  Given my age and not wanting to see the pattern disappear over time, I approached the Dufferin County Museum & Archives about taking responsibility for this design.  They agreed and as of now, the Canadian Provincial Flower Quilt Design may be purchased from the Dufferin County Museum.  The following information will allow those interested in the pattern to have direct contact with the museum through email:  Toll free telephone:  1-877-941-7787.  Mail address:  936029 Airport Road, Mulmur, Ontario, L9V 0L3.  Pam Woolner is the contact for the pattern: Website is:

The history behind the design is such that while I was studying design at the Ontario College of Art (now Art & Design U.) I spent a semester drawing flowers at nearby Allen Gardens.  When My semester was over, I thought I’d never want to draw another flower again but when a friend made the suggestion about drawing the Provincial Flowers of Canada, I quickly embraced the concept, loaded up on books of photographs and illustrations and went to the cottage for three weeks whereby the design was conceived and drawn out.  Upon returning home, I contacted Canadian Living Magazine, whom I had worked with in an unofficial advisory capacity in regard to quilts that appeared in their magazine.  They were very interested in the design and since my time was limited due to my schooling, I approached one of my former quilt students, a very talented quiltmaker from Oakville, chose the colours for the quilt and she made it in record time to be photographed by Sherman Hines, a well-known photographer.  Pattern requests continue to come in over thirty years later.  It has been used in various layout designs by individual quilters, their quilts have won awards and I couldn’t be more gratified that this design has been so well received by quilters over the years and continues to be so.

My late mother-in-law Maude Small was instrumental in introducing me and encouraging to not only oil paint but to learn how to make quilts.  Maude grew up on a farm in Dufferin County, taught in a one room school house near Primrose and it is to her that I owe so much, she inspired me to learning two creative skills which have continued to be of such importance to me in creating my quilts.  I began teaching quilting in 1974, at Humber College in Toronto, formed the second quilt guild in Canada in 1975, the Etobicoke Quilters Guild and taught quiltmaking for nine years prior to entering the Ontario College of Art, General Design, where I graduated as a part-time mature student in 1989.  I’m grateful to have had my work accepted into juried exhibits in Canada, the United States and the UK.  Along with my bed and breakfast, I continue to work in my home studio overlooking the beautiful Hockley Valley, Ontario.

The remaining quilt patterns below are available for sale from my quilt studio. They are under copyright to me and are for personal use only.  My contact telephone is: 519-942-1775 or you may reach me through this website,  Due to the cost of mailing (2018) which has gone up, the rates have changed on the S&H to $20.

Quilt Patterns & Prices


1. Canadian Provincial Wildflower Quilt: $70 plus $20 S&H: $80.00
2. Eastern Songbird Quilt: $90.00 plus $20 S&H: $100.00
3. Cameo for Kate Quilt: $80.00 plus $20 S&H; $90.00
4. Canadian Folk Art Quilt: $75.00 plus $20 S&H: $85.00
5. Persian Sampler Quilt: $75.00 plus $20 S&H: $85.00
6. Artic Reflections Quilt*: $75.00 plus $20 S&H: $85.00
7. Inuit Art & Artifacts Quilt*: $90.00 plus $20 S&H: $100.00
8. Floral Spray (1/4 section of repeat pattern:) $30.00 plus $20 S&H: $35.00


**Please note: There is a design royalty paid to the widow of Inuit artist, Aoudla Pudlat, whose central bird image on the quilt, Arctic Reflections, is used with permission.  ** A donation of $10 to the Inuit Art Society, Toronto, Ontario, for each pattern sold of Inuit Art & Artifacts Quilt design.

Method of Payment: A Money Order or bank draft in Canadian Funds to be made out to the designer, Sandy Small Proudfoot.  Upon receipt of MO, the pattern will be shipped immediately.  If paying by personal cheque, in Canadian funds, please allow three weeks for the cheque to clear the bank.  A $25 fee will be charged for any NSF cheques.  Please enclose your name, address, email address if applicable & your telephone number.  Address to:

Sandy Small Proudfoot
833345  4th line EHS,
Mono, Ontario, L9W 5Z4