Farmer’s Walk B&B Notice of Closing

B&B Announcement

As of March, 2020, our Farmer’s Walk Bed & Breakfast has been closed due to the Corona (COVID-19) virus. This is not how I expected to end nearly thirty years of sharing our home and our lives with so many wonderful B&B guests from all over the world, from Tasmania to Australia, to Korea, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, the United States and Canada, our Bed & Breakfast has been an unplanned and unexpected privilege for us to experience. And now,because of our ages, which I won’t admit to being elderly, just older, and because I have a underlying genetic medical issue which leaves me at high risk to this virus I have made the very difficult and personally upsetting decision that for now, our B&B must remain closed. Given the unknown issues of this virus, I don’t know how long it will determine the reality of our lives. And thus, when it was suggested that I could repurpose my B&B website into my quilt website, this gave me hope of a new direction for this site and for me. Will we reopen our B&B? I don’t know. As of now, my reality is that we cannot do so. What the future holds for us, is unknown. We live one day at a time and feel blessed to have met so many wonderful guests who have stayed with us over the years.

Sandy Small Proudfoot.